What, Who, and Why of ESG+R and SFDR

A primer for commercial real estate professionals on one of the major forces impacting the industry today.

What is it?

It is a tool to help your team as you navigate the shifting landscape of commercial real estate, technology, ESG+R, and consumer demographics.

Who is it for?

You! This is a tool to help people in the commercial real estate industry understand the context of the changes that are happening at the macro level and how they impact you on the ground.

Why would you care?

Understanding how ESG+R and SFDR are impacting the commercial real estate industry provides you and your team the opportunity to navigate the change and create value out of the change.

After many conversations with people in the industry about the forces impacting commercial real estate, I created this primer to provide context for the change and to highlight that with change comes opportunity.  

Mandi Wedin photo

Hello, my name is Mandi Wedin, I am the founder and CEO of Feroce Real Estate Advisors. As someone who has been delivering results to investors by leading change and creating value out of change for more than 20 years while running billion-dollar real estate portfolios, I am invested in the future success of commercial real estate.

At Feroce Real Estate Advisors, I advise forward-thinking real estate companies on how to position their real estate and their teams to create value during times of disruption. Clients hire us to chart the path forward through the shifting landscape of commercial real estate, technology, and consumer demographics. As translators across the varied languages of commercial real estate investment, ESG+R, proptech, capital markets, sustainability, DEI, and the future of work, we connect dots and deliver results.