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Mandi L. Wedin, MSRE.

During the last 20 years running multi-billion-dollar real estate portfolios, Mandi delivered results to investors by leading change and creating value out of change.

Mandi has built and led high-performing and diverse investment management teams at a public REIT and private equity real estate investment firms, while delivering hundreds of millions of dollars of sustainable, reliable results to investors and customers.

At Feroce, she brings that experience to bear for her clients.



We advise forward-thinking real estate companies on positioning their real estate and teams to succeed during times of disruption. We work with our clients to translate change into value creation.

We approach the spectrum of change from necessity to desire through two different perspectives on ROI.

  • The traditional, financial lens of Return on Investment to identify the financial benefits.
  • The relevance assessment lens of Risk of Ignoring to identify the risk of being left behind.

We work with our clients to chart the path forward through the shifting landscape of commercial real estate, technology, and consumer demographics. We are translators across the varied languages of commercial real estate investment, ESG+R, proptech, capital markets, sustainability, DEI, and the future of work.

At Feroce, our focus is to provide our clients with options that deliver the best results.

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We are real estate investment professionals who leverage the opportunity of change to deliver investment results. Feroce provides strategic guidance to set your team and your real estate up for success.

  • Does your stabilized portfolio not feel quite so stabilized any more?
  • Have you identified the value inherent in the second order effect of your ESG+R strategy?
  • How is your team responding to the tidal wave of demand for sustainable investment measured with ESG+R performance metrics?
  • Is your solution implementation for compliance with local decarbonization laws (such as DC BEPS) proceeding according to plan?
  • How are you achieving investment results through delivery of improved indoor air quality while meeting your energy usage reduction goals?

Let us show you how.



Because real estate matters. It impacts our lives on all levels. It forms the backdrop for all of the moments in our lives – it is where we live, where we work, where we shop, where we eat, where we provide services to our communities, where we meet, where we heal, and where we educate future generations.

When we invest in real estate, we are investing in the community where it is located and making an investment in the future. Getting it right matters – it matters to the members of the community where it is located, it matters to the investors who rely on the results for their retirement benefits, and it matters to the people who occupy it.

The building will continue to be there long after the first round of ‘grand opening’ banners are taken down. Through the decades, the community will look to it to continue to be a good citizen, occupants will look to it to serve their needs in a sustainable manner, and its investors will look to it to provide returns that support their needs.

The Wharf in Washington DC


Nexus SME Workshop: ESG and the Business Case with Mandi Wedin

Nexus SME Workshop: ESG and the Business Case with Mandi Wedin

21 October 2021

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